About Me

Behind the camera

However you landed here, thank you sincerely for stopping by! I am a family photographer based out of central Indiana but I LOVE to travel. In fact, my career started out in aviation and somehow... 1, 2 skip a few... I picked up a camera while at home during the baby/toddler years and quickly became glued to it.

Why Family Photography?

I've been married to my best friend since 2007 and together we have 3 BUSY kids and 2 crazy yellow labs that keep us constantly on the move. All that to say - family CHAOS is my comfort zone.

Random facts about me...

  • I drink WAY too much coffee (shhh, don't tell anyone that doesn't notice the mug permanently attached to my hand)
  • I love to hunt mushrooms (morels/dry land fish) on our property yet don't actually enjoy eating them
  • I have a bachelors degree in Aviation Management, Boiler Up!!!
  • I firmly believe labradors are the best - Period
  • When I am not currently taking or editing photos you can find me on the sidelines of a baseball field, football field, basketball court or watching a dance/cheer routine... however, I often have my camera is my hands then too
  • Lastly (and most importantly) I am saved by GRACE through FAITH in Christ Jesus - ask me how I know ;)